ARS Facilities

Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC, Appalachian Tank Car Services, and ARS Nebraska, LLC, currently operate in multiple locations across numerous American states. Our facilities range from full-service locations to private accounts that we provide services for, to mobile service units ready for your jobs in short order.

We maintain a variety of storage locations for your railcar needs. All our billing is generated in AAR format for industry compliance.

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Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC
Appalachian Tank Car Services, LLC
ARS Nebraska, LLC

How may we serve you?

ARS stands ready to serve all your railcar maintenance and repair needs.

To inquire about service at any location, please complete the form on this page. Or, simply call us:

  • Terry “Bruz” Hicks, VP of Sales, ARS: 304-543-4613
  • Kevin Koepke, VP of Sales, ARS Nebraska: 308-382-3880
  • Tina Garcia, VP of Sales, ATCS: 346-701-9771

Thank you for your interest in Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC.