ARS Tank Car Services

When your tank cars require maintenance or repairs – Appalachian Tank Car Services, Inc., is your first choice for top-quality, professional and expedited services. Our facilities and crews stand ready to respond quickly and efficiently to your service needs, so that your tank car inventory is generating revenue as soon as possible.

ATCS operates at four locations within the ARS national footprint: Lynchburg, VA (135 car max with 40-45 in process at any given time); Hinton, WV (100 car max with 35-40 in process at any given time); Elk Mills, MD; and Kingsport, TN (900 car capacity).

All ATCS facilities are fully AAR M-1002 QA Certified to perform repairs and services in compliance with the requirements of the American Association of Railroad’s Quality Assurance Program.

ATCS performs repairs, cleanings, and interior/exterior coating services. Please see below for detailed descriptions of the services ATCS offers tank cars – whether a single unit or an entire fleet.


Appalachian Tank Car Services repairs tank cars with industry-leading results. Our team encompasses a seasoned staff of inspectors, in-house CWIs, and repair personnel. Below are just some of the repair services available from ATCS:

  • AAR Interchange Repairs
  • HM-201
  • Modifications
  • Alterations
  • Program Work
  • AAR Wreck Repairs
  • Heavy Repair


Appalachian Tank Car cleans a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous products in both tank and hopper cars. Our 8-position cleaning area delivers steaming, hot/cold washing, pressure washing, nitrogen pad application, valve replacement, rebuilding and testing. We clean general service and pressure cars.

General Service Cars
Caustic, Acids, Lube Oil, Solvents, Herbicides, Mineral Oils, Formaldehyde, TI02, Sulfur, Caprolactam, Vegetable Oil

Pressure & Acid Cars
LPG, Chlorine, HCL, Ferric Chloride, valve repair, rebuild and/or replacement


Appalachian Tank Car applies a broad range of interior and exterior coatings. We have a 3-position paint shop and 6-position lining shop. Both areas have a state-of-the-art grit recovery system for efficient surface preparation on both interior and exterior coatings. Below are some coatings we can apply:

High Bake Phenolics, Two-Coat Epoxies, Vinyl Esters, High Mill Coatings, Interior Blast Finishes, Lining Removals

DTMs, Two Coat Epoxies, Epoxy Urethanes Hybrids, Epoxy/Urethane, Water Bornes, Reflective Tape Application per AAR specifications

Your First Choice in Tank Car Service

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For fastest service, please contact Tina Garcia, ATCS VP of Sales, at 346-701-9771.

Thank you for your interest in Appalachian Tank Car Services. We look forward to serving you.

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