Welcome to Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC

We are a multi-disciplinary rail services organization serving customers throughout the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest regions.

ARS approaches the rail industry head on, understanding the pitfalls that accompany dependency on a single contract or line of work. ARS acknowledges the importance of diversity in today’s competitive environment. ARS offers an assortment of services that include railcar maintenance and repair, short line railroad operations, coal loading and unloading, track maintenance, fleet management, and brokerage services.

ARS considers it a privilege to serve our clientele. We thank you for the opportunity.

ARS was built on reputation. Its building blocks consist of hours, weeks and months of hard work by devoted employees, a strong financial relationship with financial institutions, and trusting customers—all of whom recognized ARS’ potential and helped pave the way for its success.

Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC, was built by real people, with an incredible “Team Effort.”

Thanks to all who have been a part of it!


ARS corporate headquarters, Eleanor, West Virginia

ARS Mission Statement

To be the most trusted, reliable multi-disciplinary railcar service provider across America.

Management Philosophy

ARS Management Teams have been established along with a Direct Chain of Command. By identifying and employing excellent Department Managers, ARS has created the right environment to get the job done.

Our most experienced Technical Repair Employees work as leaders in the field, and report directly to the Facility Managers.

Mobile Operations

ARS knows the importance of getting the job done. We also know that you can’t always wait for the job to come to you.

A great percentage of revenue generated by ARS, is done by our Mobile Units. We have met the customer’s needs head on with Mobile crews. ARS is equipped with Trucks, Trailers, Equipment and Tools, ready to get the job done.

Quality Assurance

Getting the job done right is what it is all about. ARS knows the importance of quality work, and strives to give its clients the best in the industry.

  • Each Inbound Train is inspected by an ARS  Facility Inspector
  • Each Outbound Train is inspected by not one, but two Quality Assurance personnel

Sometimes it takes twice the effort, to succeed.

Customer Service

At ARS, customer service is priority. We strive to communicate regularly with our clients to keep them updated on our progress.

We believe our customers know that we care, and that is why they continue to call upon us.

Employee Safety and Training Programs

An important part of getting the job done right, is to get it done safely.

ARS has hired renowned Safety Consulting Firms to come in and inspect job sites for any necessary changes, improvements, or violations, as well as Training of our employees, Locomotive Engineers and Brakemen.

Most of our Technical Repair and all Train Crews have been required to undergo a twenty-four hour Safety Training Course, with annual eight-hour refresher courses.

ARS provides its Management Personnel with Business Management Training.

How may we serve you?

Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC, wants to earn your business. The best way we can do that is for you to reach out and allow us to show you how truly great a company like ARS can be for your needs.

Take the first step and complete the form on this page. Or, simply call us:

  • Terry “Bruz” Hicks, VP of Sales: 304-543-4613
  • Kevin Koepke, VP of Sales: 308-382-3880

Thank you for your interest in Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC.