ARS Railcar Storage

Affordable and convenient storage is a key element in the lifecycle of all railcars. You need the right place, and the right price, to make storage sensible for your business model. Trust Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC, to deliver both when your cars are going to be idle. We have numerous storage locations convenient to major carriers. Contact us today for a comprehensive quotation on your railcar storage needs.

Put Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC, on your list for railcar storage providers when your fleet is going to be idle. Whether short-term or long-term, ARS can provide you the storage you need, at a rate that works with your business plan.

We currently offer storage in multiple locations across the United States, with a total storage capacity of 12,000 cars. For fast service, please contact Terry “Bruz” Hicks (304-543-4613).

In addition to storage, ARS can offer repair services at key locations, as well as inspection services for additional fees. Take advantage of your railcars’ idle time by getting needed repairs completed at the same time, courtesy of ARS’ skilled facilities.

Storage locations

Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC

North Carolina
West Virginia

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For more information, or to request a quotation on railcar storage, simply complete the form on this page. Or, simply call us:

    • Terry “Bruz” Hicks, VP of Sales: 304-543-4613
    • Kevin Koepke, VP of Sales: 308-382-3880

Thank you for your interest in Appalachian Railcar Services, LLC. We look forward to serving you.